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Has anybody noticed that this sweet toy doesn't have a mouth? According to story, the doll was designed without mouth as the symbol of the little girl's cancer. The word “Hello” is a typical salute but “Kitty” in Chinese means “demon”, so “Hello Kitty” is really “Hello Demon”. It's said that anyone who buys Hello Kitty products gives a salute to the Demon.There are a lot more interesting facts about the famous Chinese character. Satanists from all around the world use Hello Kitty doll as a secret symbol.Her 14-year-old daughter was apparently diagnosed with mouth cancer.Doctors informed mother that nothing could be done for her dying daughter.We appreciate onions in our kitchens, but we often forget what really matters to us.Meaning: benefitting for our own good, because onion is a cure for many ailments.Used by our ancestors, an onion has always been appreciated for its...Since the beginning of time, people have been really interested in being able to control the minds of others.

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Let's explore ten cases of truly scary and, by all accounts, real demonic possession.Even though Bollywood was not as successful this year as the previous one, so many movies were still released that performed greatly at the Box Office or they had a great storyline or even acting but went unnoticed. Though evil spirits possessing the body of a hapless human victim seems like the stuff of science fiction, the possibility of being possessed by demons is, in fact, a common belief held by religions around the world.In 1906, Clara Germana Cele was a Christian student at St. For some reason, Cele prayed and made a pact with Satan when she was sixteen years-old, and just days later, Cele was overtaken by strange impulses.She was repulsed by religious artifacts like crucifixes, she could speak and understand several languages of which she had no previous knowledge, and she became clairvoyant regarding the thoughts and histories of the people around her.

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