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The red, black and blue wedges are all measured from the centre, so some areas mask parts of others.The numbers of deaths from the various causes are not stated—although, to be fair, it was their relative size that Nightingale wished to show.As with today's pie charts, the area of each wedge is proportional to the figure it stands for, but it is the radius of each slice (the distance from the common centre to the outer edge) rather than the angle that is altered to achieve this.Her principal message—that even during periods of heavy fighting, such as November 1854, far more soldiers died from infection than from wounds—can be seen at a glance.

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By showing that even in peacetime a soldier faced twice the risk of dying in a given year as a civilian, she campaigned successfully for better conditions in barracks.

The chart to the left also tells the story of a war: Napoleon's Russian campaign of 1812.

It was drawn half a century afterwards by Charles Joseph Minard, a French civil engineer who worked on dams, canals and bridges.

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