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It was something like “A Knight to Remember” or a “Knight to Treasure.” I was not on the prom committee. Mc Donell: I went and had a really good time with my friends and my girlfriend. It was not themed except for the fact it was a prom. It’s a question I’ve thought a lot about but it’s hard to compare. Teegarden: It had something to do with knights because we were the Knights.This is the first leading role for Mc Donell, who will next appear in Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows.” We asked Teegarden and Mc Donell a few questions about on-screen chemistry, careers and high school dances. Q How did you guys find the chemistry to play these roles? Q Thomas, were you like your character when you were in high school? Your band (Moon) wrote and recorded “Time Stand” for the film. Mc Donell: They’re different but they’re similar because they are very expressionistic things to be doing as opposed to other art forms.

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A beautiful, young and famous girl that she is, it would not be a matter of surprise to find out that she has been in more than one relationship.

She was born to working class parents, and despite being an American by birth has got mixed European ethnicity.

With her hard work and talent, she has gained a worldwide fame and her net worth value of 3 million US dollars explains the fame that she has achieved.

With her long and sexy legs that make her look taller than she actually is, she has got considerably big feet and her shoe size is 8.

With her long silky hair which she often changes color from red to blonde, she has got beautiful golden brown eyes, and a perfect set of teeth that is revealed whenever she smiles.

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