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To make it easier for the public, the preamble refers to the new section number and, where appropriate, the corresponding section number in the Proposed Revisions to Mandatory Guidelines issued in April 2004.

Similar comments are considered together in the discussion.

Thus, HHS will continue to pursue testing using alternative specimens.

HHS anticipates issuing further revisions to the Mandatory Guidelines addressing the use of oral fluid, sweat patch, and hair, and the use of POCT devices for urine and oral fluid.

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Subpart A--Applicability The Department has revised Section 1.1 to state that the requirements in these Guidelines also apply to collectors and MROs.

Two commenters believed that two separate initial test kits would be needed to appropriately screen specimens for amphetamines as specified in Section 3.4.

One commenter believed three separate initial test kits may be required.

Six commenters believed that one initial test kit could be used to screen for amphetamine, methamphetamine, and their analogs.

For the most part, the commenters provided justifications for their comments.

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