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Only in professional football do we routinely put people of retiring age in impossible mental and physical situations. Sam Bradford was 100 percent roughed on the game-deciding two-point try.Referee Tony Corrente reportedly told him his facemask wasn’t interfered with whatsoever.Grandfather in the Corrente generation for a few more seasons—the guys who call games on a part-time basis before heading back to their law firms or businesses.And actively recruit former athletes to learn their trade on a full-time basis, with emphasis on physical training and film study.Neither quarterback was helped by Kelly’s insistence on a sweeping rushing attack.News alert: It’s tough to run laterally in a blizzard, Chip. New York’s high-priced secondary couldn’t keep plays in front of it.Looking forward: Maybe Philip Rivers can lend Cam a bolo tie or two after their Week 14 duel.

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But think about it: Would we ask a 65-year-old teacher to chase down world-class athletes?That’s a lot of experience and a lot more wear and tear.A solution exists if the league is bold enough to try it.That ruined any momentum Colin Kaepernick had built over his last two arrow-up starts.Instead, Kaepernick was yanked in favor of former starter-turned-clipboard holder Blaine Gabbert.

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