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This question was asked of a colleague during child protection training and I was initially horrified that the question was even asked.My own view is we are there in a corporate parenting role with the young people we work with, whether as direct care staff or ancillary staff, and it would never be alright to engage in this type of relationship.I doubt that many romantic relationships between staff and clients that may have become public after the client left care, actually started growing only after the client left care.More than likely, those relationships were products of unhealthy and ill-advised (if not deeply unethical) bonding within the treatment environment. Hi folks, As a manager within residential care I welcome this discussion and agree with most of what has already been said.

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When we were young, we all experienced the exhilaration and the nervousness that came when we started da...For the youth to continue to grow, create and maintain healthy relationships, any romantic relationships should be outside of the facility.If the youth and worker wish to remain connected, there should be no issue with that.The real question to be answered is how will engaging in that relationship impact the emotional health of the client?Clients can easily be romantically attracted to staff who show them respect, kindness and dignity.

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