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The Parliament had been too enchanted with power to discharge its responsibilities.The fledgeling private media, the only institution outside the direct control of the corrupt and corrupting system, had been shoved aside.Corruption, impunity, and abuse of the national interest and assets couldn’t be checked, because the system had become too entrenched to dismantle, and it disenfranchised those who should have been empowered to reign it in.

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He was in the main a co-proprietor and the managing editor of the newspaper, and fought with Deyda Hydara against draconian media laws in the country.

Jallow’s verdict on Jawara’s thirty years in power is magisterial and unforgiving.

The most crucial aspects of democracy, he underscores, were instituted over time and not faithfully.

Despite turning himself into a civilian ruler through a very dubious election process, Yahya Jammeh’s abhorrence for the media has never mollified.

The harassment and intimidation escalated in the form of arrests, interrogations, detentions, deportations, and torture to scare journalists away from publishing articles he considered “inaccurate” or “sensitive” to national security.

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