Drew and jonathan scott dating

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Apparently, the center of their four-year battle was a legal document drawn up by Jonathan’s mother that Kelsy claimed she signed under "duress and harassment." The crucial document covered the sale of the couple’s home in Canada.She claimed Jonathan demanded that she sign the agreement and even threatened her.Much of the show's humor revolved around Drew's single life (in real life, Drew was engaged for the first time in 2007, shortly after becoming a game show host).However, Drew was married a number of times during the show's run.He admits he should have known his marriage was doomed from the start, but hey, you live and you learn!For more exclusive content sign up for our newsletter!

(For comparison, Chip and Joanna Gaines' Gang's all here! “That’s my biggest struggle, to make sure we’re not always talking shop.”will include some wedding prep, but as of August Phan hadn't started shopping for a dress. Even off-camera, the telegenic twins constantly (but good-naturedly) rag on each other.“I just found out that Drew is only giving her 30% of the walk-in closet,” scoffs Jonathan.“My shoes are twice the size of hers! “My clothes hang a lot lower.”Jonathan figures his brother has “180 pairs of shoes in the Vegas house.”With Drew on the move, is Jonathan getting the wedding bug? “Jacinta and I have only been dating for a year and a half. When Drew had this big elaborate proposal planned, the day before he did it we were going to elope just to mess with him.”Drew cocks an eyebrow. To Jonathan's chagrin, he also threw in plans for a finished basement.“Your ideas are good, it just makes me sweat," Jonathan tells him.(Take comfort, readers, even the run behind schedule.The house, scheduled to be completed by late September, was still a work in progress last week.)Blame their workload.

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