Essex camera repair review

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Interior space is great and material quality is great as well.

The 2.0 version comes with leather like (synthetic-leather mix) material.

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Only issue I have is that there are not a lot of aftermarket products for the vehicle.

I have found some and there is also a Russian manufacturer (Rival) who does under body protection for the Duster. Here, it is one of the cheapest vehicles (compared to Hyundai IX or Kia Sportage) and has nothing to be ashamed of when compared.

I have clocked an average efficiency of 26mpg on the city and around 37 mpg on open road (yes using the imperial gallon in case someone asks).

Above that is risky since you can feel there is a tendency to understeer and roll because of the ground clearance and lack of ESP. Bumps and rough roads are no problem for this vehicle as long as you don't go to fast the suspension does it work fine.

Interior is a little plastic though but OK for what you pay.

Lots of space both in the front and rear seats enough to fit 5 3 young adults.

Acceleration is great for a car this size (2.0 engine) but the transmission needs some tweaking.

The car has an ultra low first gear which is annoying when you start at a traffic light since within seconds you will need to change gears. Not good though since Panama has a lots of hills and you do need to push the pedal a little more just to make sure you don't stall at take off when on 2nd gear. 6th gear feels like 5th gear almost since at 100km/h you are almost reaching 3k RPM.

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