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"Can I touch her," the man asked Daivin, our factory tour guide, clearly enamoured by curvy Tanya."Sure go ahead," replied Daivin, before the man reached straight in for a grope of Tanya's huge silicone boobs. She'll happily talk dirty to you with her "sexuality mode" turned up but turn it down and she'll tell you that any sex talk makes her feel "uncomfortable" and that calling her a sex robot is like calling a "computer a calculator". I begin to feel weirdly embarrassed talking about threesomes with a sex doll so I reword my question to "Would you have sex with more than one partner? According to creators Realdoll, Harmony has been designed to provide companionship rather than just sex - so while she can fulfill your deepest fantasies - she can also become your best mate.

"Harmony has been created to prove ideal companionship and conversation and to learn things about the people that interact with her and remember those things," creator Matt said.

Since e Harmony is a paid dating site (prices are very reasonable), it mainly attracts singles who are looking for long-term relationships rather than short-term no strings relationships.

Here’s their latest TV ad: Unlike traditional dating websites like match.com, e Harmony is a true automated matchmaking system that matches you with members on the site with whom you share the most in common.

Well you need to do better than that." It's hard not to laugh but there is something strangely realistic about the way she talks.

The man in his late 60s pulled over and made a beeline for the doll.

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