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Same-sex marriages are not legally recognised in India nor are same-sex couples offered limited rights such as a civil union or a domestic partnership.

In 2011, a court granted legal recognition to a same-sex marriage, involving two women.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in India face legal and social difficulties not experienced by non-LGBT persons.

Sexual activity between people of the same gender is illegal, and same-sex couples legally cannot marry or obtain a civil partnership.

The security is provided on the basis of threat perception and in this case the couple feared that their families might be against the relationship." It defines marriage as "the legal union as prescribed under this Act of a man with a woman, a man with another man, a woman with another woman a transgender with another transgender or a transgender with a man or a woman.

All married couples in partnership entitled to adopt a child.

Additionally, some states protect hijras through housing programmes, welfare benefits, pension schemes, free surgeries in government hospitals and others programmes designed to assist them.

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According to Gehlot, the Government intends to provide transgender people with all rights and entitlements currently enjoyed by scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.

"Don't make a mockery of the system and don't waste the court's time," an apex court judge told the Government.

On 28 January 2014, the Supreme Court of India dismissed the review petition filed by the Central Government, NGO Naz Foundation and several others, against its 11 December verdict on Section 377 of IPC.

It also contains provisions to prohibit discrimination in employment as well as prevent abuse, violence and exploitation of transgender people.

The bill also provides for the establishment of welfare boards at the centre and state level as well as for transgender rights courts.

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