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Now Wildflower said an interesting statement, a theme of which I’ve seen on a lot of comment threads on this site and abroad: “There are a lot of women who are marriage material but that doesn’t mean that a man is gonna swoop down and put a ring on it just because she is ready While I agree with this statement, as it pertains to men – especially black men – I have seen a theme and/or a belief that men now feel they need more financial and career accomplishments before they can have a wife; whereas rumor has it other races believe a wife is generally a component of, not a mutual exclusive goal of measuring their success.So my question is – and I’m sure I’ll eventually write about this – are these men operating wholly independent of reality or do they (black men, etc) think this way because their primary counterpart of the opposite sex have demonstrated that this is of value to them as well?

Going by the stats (and facts, if you bother with those sorts of things), men and consequently women, are marrying later in life but by and large over 90% of people of all races will marry within their lifetime.

Every time I visit a church, I make it my business to see if the pastor is married or not– and in my 30 years I’ve only seen one that was single. Because within the church having a wife is smiled upon.

If we were raised seeing marriage as a good thing, most black men would settle down (in my opinion).

With divorce being high and drama that can bring, added in with the ratio of women looking for good brothas, I don’t think men really want to get married.

Wildflower: I hate to pull the race card @mpj2k4 but are you referring to black men or men in general?

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