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The film has some average performances by little-known actors & actresses.

Lea Thompson is very cute in her role, and Victoria Jackson was almost as good (although she was sometimes over-the-top with her character).

See more » When Stacy stops to give Vinny a ride just outside the gates of the spa, she is wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarer style sunglasses, but when she arrives at her home, she is wearing a similar looking but different style of sunglasses which have no rim around the bottom half of the lenses. " is one of those movies that will either be totally forgotten over time, or will be slightly remembered.

It's a very cute comedy, but it can easily be forgotten if you don't have it on video or DVD (I've got it on DVD).

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Ben Donovan (Matthew Perry) manages The Sunshine Centre, a seconde rate sports/events arena in San Diego. He is the caring, passionate general manager of a sports stadium in San Diego. none of his staff or the owner gives a damn about their job!Those parts were all of Andrew Dice Clay, who actually can be a good actor when the time comes around (if not a little sarcastic).Hopefully he can make a comeback someday (if he hasn't already), because these type of films aren't made as often as they used to be.The film was made and released about three years after its source stage play "Casual Sex" by Judy Toll and Wendy Goodman had been first performed at the Groundlings Theatre in Los Angeles, California, USA in 1985.The two playwrights Judy Toll and Wendy Goldman wrote the screenplay for this movie.

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