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“I knew my heart couldn’t be deceiving me.” Cris says. Ok, this next scene is hard, but I’m going to try to capture the subtleties. Cande, predictably, doesn’t want to hear it, but Dom tells her anyway: she’s the only one responsible for this. She blamed herself because she didn't lie to Ray to cover for Rob's absence.“I knew I was right, from the beginning.” Aldi thought the same (say what?! Cande literally throws a fit, knocking the tea off the table and screaming at Dom to leave her alone! It was only recently, just after she got her cancer diagnosis, that Rob confessed to Adelina that SHE killed Ray with a gun, protecting Sever.He whispers his definition of that to Irma, who doesn’t slap him across the face, so it must be the other kind of “all the way.” Lola is busy with Mari, reminding me of why I could cheerfully leave both of them on the side of the road. At PJ’s lovely home, it turns out Tomas only has trouble cleaning up his room. He fingers it gently, lifts it to his nose and smells it. Val comes out of the bathroom clothed (Thank God) in a different nightie. He leaves abruptly and she notices her nightie’s been moved. Irma’s tending to Mari's scrapes and bruises, telling her she and Lola really got out of hand. Sweetie, do NOT compare yourself to Padre Jeronimo. Why, Pru asks, since she’s got the whole baby angle? Having a lover’s probably not helping, Val points out. Anyway, she’ll end that relationship, but in her own time. The Devil, his wife and their new handmaiden are feasting on the souls of the oppressed. If Cris doesn’t get back in the next 24 hours, they’ll have to take further action, maybe hire a PI. They want to know where the hell he’s been, but he’s the one that wants some answers. Tomas wants to help out at the church while he looks for work to earn his keep (say what? Cris says Sev has killed the last bit of admiration Cris had for him. Cande stops Val from going after him; she won’t get anywhere with him while he’s angry. THANK YOU for the MOST EXCELLENT recap Hellashelle! If Sev files charges against Dom and she lands in jail, will she get to keep her cross body purse? Why in the world would Cris stay at his parent's house? He is married to Aldi and even if they don't want to sleep together until after the "church" makes it official-official, he could at least stay at ES.Mari starts by saying she’s put what Lola did behind her. PJ’s house is already spotless when Lulu comes to straighten up. She ties her robe as she asks what’s up, looking slightly, but appropriately weirded out that he’s there. Candela sits cross-legged on the floor, jerkily going through the pictures in her memory box. Mari says Lola started it, but Irma points out that Mari insulted her mom. Just…no.) Irma says it’s not the same and Mari gets all annoyed, saying she always takes Lola’s side. Val needs to work on their relationship before dropping that bomb and she’s got to get his mind off Aldi. And it’s between her and Tomas, so Val shouldn’t get involved again. Aldonza and Silvia catch up a little, then talk business. Before he leaves the dining room, Cande stops him because hasn’t he noticed Val’s here? She asks Sev if he’s really going to press charges. My favorite lines: Aldonza and Cris kiss it out…The Devil, his wife and their new handmaiden are feasting on the souls of the oppressed. Hella, I also loved your side comment about leaving Mari and Lola on the side of the road!A Fin Romance A Fin romance, mi querida Make one wrong move, you'll say "see ya! Hellashelle, I loved every word, thank you."Or not" clever Best scene for me was Tomas and Lulu going through the 10 commandments I have lusted in my heart many times for PJAgree Cris should be at Aldonza's and there were plans but he was arrested and thrown in jail for Abelardo's murder. I'm so sick of Lola I could just spit What Adelina did is selfish not cowardly."You're too obsessed with all of your machinations We're being sabotaged by my near relations A Fin romance, you won't listen A Fin romance, you keep hissin' I might as well give up till we hit the end Nothing is set 'till then, guess I'll go study zen A Fin romance, with no talking A Fin romance, too much squawking We should be solving all of our problems in tandem Instead all our behavior is seeming random A Fin romance, with no dating With no trusting and all hating You change your mind more often than I change pants It feels like an endless dance, this is a Fin romance(apologies to Dorothy Fields) Thanks again Vivi, for filling in my blank spots. I know she doesn't want to hurt Aldi but she is so tortured by it all maybe it would help her to get it out. It has transcended being about protecting anyone other than herself and the interpretation of what transpired as she deems fit.When Sever took away the "dead" baby after it was born, he said that he would take care of everything (she assumed the burial).She was too worked up worrying about Rob who was bleeding out and doing badly to really argue much.

Comments that are not relevant to the topic, are disrespectful to the author or other commenters, or are otherwise not in keeping with the rules or spirit of the blog may be deleted. Cris says it’s better he just doesn’t talk to them at all. Adelina shares that Dominga said she and Cris would need them because they were going to face hard times. Cris might not forgive the sibling lie and he definitely won’t if they arrest PJ over it. Lola wants to know if she and Pato have been kissing as reeeeally good friends, or if they’re giving it another go. Pato and Lola are back on…Or not because Pato’s not sure she’s all in, but maybe they’ll try again when she is…Or not because Mari and Lola fight and Mari’s now out for revenge. "Mari schemes: she’ll leave Lola without a job or a man". Poor us for having to endure her cruel juvenile tricks. Unlike many here, I believe she cares for Dom but is simply incapable of real love. If she realizes he's into her, she'd be just stupid enough to think she can manipulate him with anything from seemingly-innocent flirtation to complete and total grossness. At least for once he didn't fall for the "We're your parents! " bullcrap, so that's a step in the right direction. A lively and snarky rendering of a rather eventful night. Val tells Cande it’s in everyone’s best interest for her to get Sev to drop the charges. Aldi feels terrible about this, but he’s in good spirits. She tells him she loves him and that he’s her hero. Sev’s tired of catering to Cris’s whims (yes, how dare he want to direct his own life or believe in truth or justice! Mel takes her hand and Dom confesses…she helped PJ forge the document! Val tries to convince Cande, who tries to convince Sev to drop the charges to get back in Cris’s good graces. Loved the vocabulary."Aldi feels terrible about this, but he’s in good spirits. She tells him she loves him and that he’s her hero". Will she use her feminine wiles to convince Sev to drop the charges as Cande suggests?? Maybe his microchip activates within a certain distance of Cande and Sev and he just meant to come into the house, pack his stuff, and leave again?Within minutes of burning the death certificate she is all smiles. Lots of fun bits, but this one especially (as many others have quoted): The Devil, his wife and their new handmaiden are feasting on the souls of the oppressed. Liked the comment that Val thinks she can swim in the deep end when she really belongs in the kiddie pool. And perhaps, if Sev hurts Vile, that will be the straw that breaks the camel's back and finally makes Hum turn on Sev.She'll be very sorry if she tried to manipulate Sev. as noted, Severed's mistresses experience misery and death. All of Severiano's women somehow believe they can manage that beast but get sucked in and realize too late. Frequently I am confused I'm watching the same character, Aldonza.

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