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He sees the world as a system which, given enough time and effort, is completely knowable.This is a fragile illusion that your nerd has adopted, but it’s a pleasant one that gets your nerd through the day. Whereas everyone else is traipsing around picking dazzling fonts to describe their world, your nerd has carefully selected a monospace typeface, which he avidly uses to manipulate the world deftly via a command line interface while the rest fumble around with a mouse. Grab that seemingly discarded Mac Mini which has been sitting on the floor for two months and hide it.It’s the word your nerd says when he’s not listening, and it’s always the same.My word is “Cool,” and when you hear “Cool,” I’m not listening. Those first awkward five minutes when two people are forced to interact.Your nerd is used to making huge contextual leaps where he’s talking to a friend in one window, worrying about his 401k in another, and reading about World War II in yet another. For many topics, his knowledge is an inch deep and four miles wide. For any given piece of incoming information, your nerd is making a lightning fast assessment: relevant or not relevant?

That’s the nerd working on his project in his head.You’re going to create a quiet, dark place here he can orient himself and figure out which way the water flushes down the toilet. Carve out three days somewhere quiet at the beginning of the trip. How about letting him chill on the bed for a half-day before you drag him out to see the Golden Gate Bridge? Food is thrown into the irrelevant bucket because it’s getting in the way of the content. Thing is, you want your nerd to eat healthily so that he’s here in another thirty years, so how do you change this behavior? For me, exercise became the project ten years ago after a horrible break-up.Second, and more importantly, you need to remind him about his insatiable appetite for information. When the project was no longer the Ex, I dove into exercise every single day of the week. Significant nerd behavioral change is only going to happen if your nerd engages in the project heart and soul. My guess is that, collectively, your nerd interacts with ten times more people than you think he does.It’s another juicy cliché to say that nerds love video games, but that’s not what they love.A video game is just one more system where your nerd’s job is to figure out the rules that define it, which will enable him to beat it. Your nerd spent a lot of his younger life being an outcast because of his strange affinity with the computer. He knows the compelling parts of the arcs and is mentally editing his versions while watching all three.

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