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Go out and meet new woman and date other woman and keep dating the girl you mentioned in the OP.

I can't beileve you're 23, I'm way younger then you brah and I know this. (Which btw you have no proof of, it's just your insecurities making you think that) she's not in a relationship, she can do whatever she wants.

Custom, tradition, and intellectual laziness lead men to follow their religious leaders blindly.

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But they are friends and once in a while, I like to visit them and talk to them. Miscers have this weird obsession with blaming others for their problems when they should blaming themselves.

1 at the box office this past weekend, got if they stayed through to the end.

The movie may be a silly farce about New York cops who stumble upon a Bernie Madoff-like Ponzi scheme that threatens to defraud billions from city workers.

That's why I can only date girls who are extremely secure. Why is it HER fault that you are not talking to other girls?

Why is it HER fault that you're not dating other girls?

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