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Articles also stated she was found with stab wounds and that her body was dragged to a car.

The prosecution successfully argued his safety could only be guaranteed in jail, due to the risk he was judged to be at from vigilantes.

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Alden says the British Empire's legacy still has consequences for Kenyans today.'There is a feeling in Kenya 54 years after independence that white people and wealthy people get away with things,' he said.

Such was Mr Alden's distrust of the Kenyan police that he called in private investigator Jeffrey Katz.

Alden's battle began on June 4 last year, when he was spending his Saturday clearing out the house he and his family rented in Karen, Nairobi.

Alden hit a panic button to alert security guards, called the police and tried to stem her bleeding with a towel.

While visiting him in prison, she developed a rapport with Alden's jailers and reached out to Kinyanjui's family.

Alden said: 'If it hadn't been for [my wife] I would still be there.'The victim's mother, Anastasia, told Alden she didn't believe the prosecution's case.'I don't believe that a person like you would murder anybody,' she said.'But if you were going to do it, why on earth would you do it in broad daylight and then take my daughter to hospital?

Roberto Calvi, whose body was found hanging from a London bridge.

Katz, who proved Alder's innocence, became one of the world's most famous private investigators after investigating the Vatican banker's death Friends would quiz him in the months that followed as to why he did not escape to Tanzania as soon as Kinyanjui died, to which Alden responded he was innocent. 'I had no expectation they were going to charge me with murder. I was sitting there in hospital, sobbing my eyes out, my friend had just died and I was in shock.'False reports, partly based on police briefings, cast Kinyanjui as Alden's lover.

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